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The little things that made a big impression.

Bri Bri’s Projects began in 2012 after our daughter, Brianna, lost her battle with AML Leukemia at just 16 months-old. Our family spent a year battling Bri’s disease in the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, and it was sometimes the kindness of complete strangers that kept us going. We would often receive little gifts from parents who knew the heart ache and struggles we were going through. Things like hand-written notes, cards and toys made all the difference to our family during that trying time.


After we lost Bri, that kindness stuck with us, and we decided to continue the tradition of giving “little things” that make a big difference. Bri Bri’s Projects donates gift bags, snacks, toys, stuffed animals, get well cards, and anything else we can think of to families battling childhood illness at the Children's Medical Center of Dallas.


The gift of a stuffed animal or get-well card may sound insignificant, but to a family fighting for their child’s life, it’s a sign that they’re not alone, that there are complete strangers who are thinking of them and rooting for their child to get better.


Everything we’re able to provide these families comes from the generous donations of friends and family who love and support our cause. Bri Bri’s Project has no paid employees so every cent of every donation we receive goes directly to our cause.


For more information on how you can participate in Bri Bri’s Projects, click our donations tab.

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